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    Jun 24, 2013
    I have 3 Incipio outlets and they are programmed on timer triggers via Home app on my ipad. Problems are sometimes they don't get triggered even if the ipad is in the home and on and running the home app in the background. seems to happen for the next few schedule changes following me manually switching the outlet on or off or if i siri a scene like 'lights out' or 'good night' then they won't come back on the next morning. this is a downer for i have my coffee machine through this and i HATE waking up to find it not turned on. Is there a trick to having it always execute the scheduled triggers and never skip an event?

    Also the other problem is that it requires the ipad to be on always and the home app in the background or it won't work. if i take it with me out of the house those devices don't get triggered which half defeats the purpose. for example turn this on or off while i am away. what they need to do is issue all trigger settings to the devices to store and use the home app to just sync up those settings when in range.

    As far as I can tell homekit is sort of a good idea poorly executed. It does exactly what i want on paper but not in reality. Also these devices are really big and bulky and kinda clunky looking and they can switch the rated power (1500w for coffee machine) but get hot while doing it and most likely will eventually burn themselves out. If they want to advertise 1500w they need to improve the internal relay.
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    May 14, 2016
    Have you signed out of iCloud on the AppleTV and signed in again? That's fixed remote trigger problems for me the two times it happened.

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