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Discussion in 'iPod' started by Aranince, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Aranince macrumors 65816

    Apr 18, 2007
    I have several albums on my iPod nano(4g) that are missing album art, but are there in iTunes. What can cause it not to appear on the iPod?
  2. reclusivemonkey macrumors 6502


    Jun 2, 2008
    Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK
    Is the artist/album spelt exactly the same as it is in iTunes?
  3. quasinormal macrumors 6502a

    Oct 26, 2007
    Sydney, Australia.
    Are you using iTunes 8? Do you get your album artwork from the iTunes store? Do you also have albums that artwork is not available from the store, but you have put on itunes yourself?

    I have the same problem if you answered yes to the above. Apparently iTunes 8 does not readily show artwork that is stored in the song files metadata. Or at least, that is what i am guessing. I can highlight a song and the metadata artwork will appear, but not otherwise. It has really stuffed up coverflow and grid view for me, as well as not getting some artwork on the iPod.
  4. mac-ie macrumors newbie

    Sep 19, 2008
    I believe this could be caused by added the art to only one song in iTunes (as oppose to adding it to the entire CD). iTunes will display the same art work for the entire album, however iPods will not. Check and make sure the artwork is added to each song: right click a song, artwork tab -> is it empty?
  5. jmann macrumors 604


    Dec 8, 2007
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    The above poster is correct. If you dig through the internet you should be able to find a copy of coverscout floating around, and it will fix your cover art problem. It will copy the artwork to each individual files instead of as a whole.
  6. ivnds macrumors 6502


    Aug 6, 2006
    Since you already have the artwork on one song, you can drag it to the desktop from the artwork display on the bottom left. It will create a .pictureclipping file that you can drop in the Artwork tab in the get info menu of your song.
  7. itsliz89 macrumors member

    Sep 9, 2008
    I always apply artwork to all my songs in each specific album. It's how I've always done it. Everything was beautiful until 8.0 rolled along. There are now random blank artwork. There's also the issue of artwork from one artist randomly showing up for the album of another artist! Picture of Britney Spears for a Linkin Park album. It's SO COOL :rolleyes:

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