Missing Contact, PLEASE HELP!!!

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    Feb 16, 2010
    :(CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE?:( I woke up like a month or so ago and my contacts were all gone. Did the restore and still missing a bunch. So when I click my contacts icon on the iphone I still have quit a few, but most of my resent ones are not showing up. Now if I use the search function, the page to the left of the home screen, I can find contacts I've added and ones I'm looking for, but they don’t show up under contacts. Also when I sync my iphone to my outlook via ITunes, they are not transferred to Outlook either. There're obviously on the phone somewhere, but I dont know where. O and if I add a contact via the contact icon, push the little green plus sign, and add it manually it will show up under the contacts, but if i try and save something from resent calls or maps and say add to contacts, new contact, it doesn't show up. Also if I add a contact to outlook and sink, it won’t show up either. I’ve made sure it’s not in a different group as there is only one group showing which is “all contacts”.
    I’ve seen a few other people on different forums that have had the same issue, and seem to have gotten it resolved, but no one post how they fixed it. I’ll reply to the post and email them directly and no response. It shouldn’t be this difficult to have a phone that works. I’ve been ‘tweaking’ on this phone for live 5 hours now… AWH!!! Help please???? Thanks!
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    Feb 16, 2010
    O yeah, and I do not have a mobileMe account, but my friend that I get the phone from did. When I add a contact is says, ' MobileMe Sync Failed, Unable ). I've look everywhere and I can find any reference to mobileMe anywhere eon the phone. Using windows 7 alos fyi
    Thanks, would really appreciate any help.

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