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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by juanm, Mar 13, 2008.

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    A year ago, or so, I did something on Photoshop with a font that came with Tiger (or so I thought). It's called "Cracked".
    Now I just opened the file, and the font comes as "missing". I thought it came with OS X by default? I've since then upgraded to Leopard. Is that why the found is nowhere to be found?

    I've Leopard and iLife (only iPhoto).
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    Dec 25, 2008
    Cracked Font

    I had the same mysterious experience with the 'Cracked' font suddenly disappearing. Thanks to an article by Rob Griffiths called 'Get a Handle on Fonts' May 2007 MacWorld, I was eventually able to figure out how to get 'Cracked' back.
    Here is how to get the font back. if it is still unclear, hopefully these explanations will resolve it for you, if not then email me.


    1. You do not have to actually install iDVD 2, but the FONT folder is not initially easy to find.
    2. You need to UN-ARCHIVE the contents of the 'iDVD2 program file' that is found on the iDVD2 disc to your own hard drive . This is done by selecting the actual 'iDVD2 program file' while holding 'Control' and UN-ARCHIVE the contents to your own hard drive (temporarily) the navigating the contents of the package as described below until you find the fonts folder. Copy what fonts you want to your own hard drive and then delete the Un-archived iDVD2 from your HD. Amazing... it is actually in there.

    Visit this url below for the original explanation.


    I received my copy of the iDVD2 upgrade in today's mail. While playing around with the program (it's quite impressive), I noticed that it includes four fonts not included with the first program (Cracked, Handwriting - Dakota, Santa Fe LET Fonts, and Snell Roundhand). I went looking for these, and was somewhat surprised not to find them in any of the usual spots (~/Library/Fonts, /Library/Fonts, and /System/Library/Fonts).

    A little digging found them inside the iDVD application bundle - control-click on iDVD2 to open the bundle, then navigate into Contents/Resources/Fonts. From there, the only way I could find to use the fonts was to copy them (via an option-drag) into my Classic system's Fonts folder (ie System Folder/Fonts).

    Once placed there, they were available to all applications; I could not, however, find a way to make them work from any of the OS X font folders.

    More on iDVD2 a bit later this weekend...it's quite an upgrade from the first program!

    Rob Griffiths
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    Why didn't you guys add this font, if you found it? It was quite long while to find it on my archived Tiger's partition.

    I do it for the next users.


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    hey i checked some of the other iLife apps and I found more fonts in imovie, iPhoto and GarageBand. Go check them out!
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    Generally because posting commercial fonts is like someone here posting a full version of Photoshop on here.
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    LOL read this thread as looking for a cracked font rather than the fontpack name cracked...

    Still, most of the bonus stuff is usually on the bonus DVD for iLife as stated before... Otherwise I would strongly suggest hitting Font Squirrel you'll probably find something similar or better IMHO.
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    cracked font used in commercial project?

    The cracked font can be used in a commercial game product, right?
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    Thank you!!! This is a lifesaver as my letterhead uses Cracked font and when I switched to a new MacBook Pro with updated OS, I lost it and all my saved Word documents. (Thankfully I had PDFs too, but still....)
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    I second that! Thank you!!! This font is part of my logo and I lost on an update to my mac. I really appreciate you posting the zip file. Saved me time.

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