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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by MrLatte23, Apr 3, 2008.

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    I did a hard shut-down and reboot and now my two eSATA HD's are missing from the finder. They appear in Disk Utility and "verify/repair disk" shows no problems. I can access two of three partitions through using: "show original" on a shortcut for a file on the disks, but don't have anything to get into the third partition. Trying to open a disk image of the partition to see what's in it but it won't open.

    Any thoughts on how to get the two HD's visible in the finder or to open the disk image.

    MacPro Dual Core, 2 X 2.66, OS X.5.2. NewerTech eSATA Extender Cable w/ 2 Hitachi 500 GB Drives.

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    I did this a couple years ago. I had a eSATA drip going through a card in my last G4 Powerbook. On a hard restart, my drive would still show up but wouldn't mount properly. I'm pretty sure I ended up losing everything on that drive.

    Do you know what chipset the Newertech card uses? Since switching to all Sonnet cards I haven't had a single scare or issue.

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    Extender Cable only

    Thanks for the reply. The NewerTech piece of the puzzle is just an extender cable, about 14 - 16 inches long. It brings the two spare SATA II ports on the motherboard to the back of the computer. I have a non working eSATA PCI-e card (Silicon Image Chip) that I haven't fudged with since installing the extender cables. I passed on the $onnet card, but in hindsite should've gone that route. The Chipset is Osford 924 in the two similar external HD cases.

    I've transferred all my data off of them so I'm considering formatting them to see if that works. Someone mentioned elsewhere that eSATA is finicky about cable length so I"m going to try swapping parts and pieces as well as trying my third FW drive which also has eSATA to see if it disappears as well when connected to the eSATA ports. I find it odd that the drives don't show up when connected via firewire either.
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