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  1. elkiehound macrumors newbie

    Jun 29, 2009
    Couple of things:

    1. Cannot create a Station of a SIngle artist to stream OR download for offline. In Slacker I can do that.

    2. When you pick a song from Apple Music and want to add it to a NEW playlist, there is not a "+New" option. You have to first create the playlist and then add the song. In Slacker, when you want to put a song in a Playlist that does not exist, there is an option at the Top of the list to "Add New Playlist".

    3. When I pick a Genre Station, I cannot create a Download version of that Genre Station for offline listening. In Slacker, it creates a download of of that Station Playlist for offline.

    4. In Apple Music, there is no designation of which playlists are available offline. You have to select "only show offline", which when you do that, you do not see what you are missing.
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    You can create an artist station from the artist's page. Edit: oh wait you mean a station of just that artist? Yeah you can't.

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