Missing features from JB 4.3.1?

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    Jan 7, 2006

    My iPhone 4 crashed and asked to connect to itunes (perhaps a cydia app conflict?). I restored the iphone with itunes and got to 4.3.1, then had a few days with it until the new pwnage tool came out and so i used it to jb the phone and it crashed on installing the new firmware. after many error (1604,21,19 etc) I got back to the 4.3.1 jb but now i seem to have no signal and have lost the new options in the settings for personal hotsopt.

    Is this because i have no signal?

    I wonder if the phone is jb again I'll be spending hours trying to restore it again.

    Anyone with any thoughts?


    Iphone 4 (jb 4.3.1), mbp osx 10.6.7
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    Jan 7, 2006
    Managed to fix it after getting a error 1013

    Open Finder
    Hold down COMMAND + SHIFT keys and press ‘G’
    Enter “/private/etc/” in the field and press “Go”
    Find “hosts” file in the directory
    Drag the file to your desktop
    Open it in a text editor
    Remove the line that has gs.apple.com entirely or put a # at the beginning of it to comment it out
    Save the file
    Drag it back to the /private/etc/ folder.

    restored with itunes all good.

    Now I'm scared of Jailbreaking it! :(

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