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Jan 1, 2013
Hello all. I'm new to the Mac world, just picked up at 13" rMBP. Two questions:
1) In finder, I have a folder for documents on the left side, but no locations for pictures or videos. Any help?
2) I'm trying to use migration assistant to transfer my files, but it isn't recognizing my Seagate external hard drive. I'm transferring from Windows 7 if that helps.

Thanks in advance!


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Jan 1, 2013
This is what my finder currently looks like, with only the default folder for documents without pictures or videos.

Edit: figured out the missing folders! Thanks!


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Aug 24, 2013
Far from here
In the menu bar, click on Finder, then Preferences / Sidebar.

Check the tick box against the "little house" icon (your user name).
You can also check Pictures and Videos.

Now you can see your account (little house) in the side bar.

Select it, you will see the default folders (Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Movies, Music, Pictures, Public).

You can drag'n drop what you want to the side bar.


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Aug 17, 2010
Problems with Migration Assistance

I also had problems losing files, only to discover that I had inadvertently set two separate accounts for myself. Once I looked into my other User name all files were there. So then I wanted to merge the two User Accounts. I went into get info then tucked "Share" then into Settings and attempted to change my own Admin rights to "Read & Write" (as recommended on Apple Forum). I was then going to copy folders across and then delete the other updated account. Meanwhile, instead of my new User having "read & write" it is Fetching? Presumably changing permissions etc?

I hope this is the correct procedure and thereby possible. It all started when I tried to recover disk space and deleted all Picture Library files, slowly, after using Disk utility and repair permissions, switching off ™ to reduce "Other Files", I managed to reclaim over 160Gb.

I only hope now, that I don't have to revert to clean re-install!
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