Missing hide/show button in Lion? MS Office issue

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    Check this out.

    Do you remember those little buttons up the top of most of the windows that let you show less or more of the buttons on the toolbars? It was up in the upper right hand corner of the toolbars on most apps, a rectangular rounded button.

    Well I used it a lot in Outlook to show/hide the toolbar because I have a 13" MBP. Before I had it hidden in Snow Leopard, then I upgraded to Lion and it's gone! I can't use the toolbar now!

    For example, I attached my Excel window that I didn't have hidden before the upgrade.

    I'm sure I'm missing something simple. Help please?

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    Apple removed that toolbar control from all windows in all apps on Lion. To show/hide your toolbars in Office apps, go to the View menu and select the Toolbars submenu -- it should be the 4th item down. In that submenu you can toggle the standard and formatting toolbars on or off.

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