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    Updated to Mountain Lion from Snow Leopard last night (via App Store) and when I go to System Preferences I'm missing the iCloud and Mail, Contacts, and Calendars (however, Mission Control and Notifications are present). Any ideas on how to resolve this? BTW, I'm on a mid-2010 Macbook Pro.

    Update: Issue was resolved after re-installing Mountain Lion by way of the recovery partition. The icons for iCloud and Mail, Contacts, and Calendars have appeared.

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    External source for iCloud preferences icon?

    My company has their own kludged Lion that I've been forced to use, and they believe the 'cloud' is not secure enough to be used and don't trust employees not to be stupid enough to avoid posting work-related files there....


    They culled the iCloud preferences icon from the distribution, so there is no way for me to activate it on my laptop for my own PERSONAL (used to be) Mobile Me email. It's sort of kludged along but lately the damned 'Incoming mail Server' field is just blanking out, and I've read that enabling cloud mail (from that missing pref pane) will help to auto-populate that field.

    So, is there an actual binary file somewhere that I can download and put into the proper place to let me actually USE my *.me email from my work Mac via the iCloud preference app,

    or, better yet, if that pref pane simply ISN'T an option, HOW do I get my "mobile me" email to work on my Mac now since 'the cloud' has taken over and, thus far from my experience, isn't a stitch bit better than the screwy MobileMe was (but at least IT worked...sort of).

    I am TRYING to use the Mac Mail tool and not have to do the web-based access, but it's looking more and more like we are supposed to march to the tune of 'get it from the web' even if we prefer the tools in the built-in apps...or am I sounding a bit disenchanted? Probably that pounding the head against the wall thing souring the attitude...

    1.can't get my mobile me email from Mac Mail anymore.
    2.The best solution I've seen says to play with the "enable" mail switch in the iCloud preferences pane.
    3.My company doesn't support using iCloud so the pref pane is NOT an option in the distribution of Lion they've pushed to my Mac
    4.If there is a way to get the pref pane OR get Mac Mail to actually LET me use my mobile me email without an iCloud pref set, I'd love to hear it..


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