Missing icons, font issues, invisible menu bar, oh my!

Discussion in 'macOS' started by Apocrathia, Nov 26, 2010.

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    Okay, so my MacBook has recently (as in, for the past few hours) started acting batsh*t insane. I've got a list of problems that are wrong with it and a list of things that I've tried. Forgive me for any spelling issues, I'm typing all of this up on my iPad. Let me start with what's wrong.
    I boot into os x and immediately at the login screen, the fonts are changed to times or something different. It's enough that I can tell something is up.
    When I log into a user account, the menu bar is invisible, but the icons are still floating up there. Finder crashes immediately, so does the dock, and so does dropbox. Finder and dock cycle nonstop and can't seem to run.
    Also, the icons are just gone for everything except some of my applications. I first saw an issue when all of my images and PDFs quit opening in finder and instead wanted to open in adobe apps.

    Now for what I've tried.
    I can boot into safe mode without any problems. So I've removed all of my 3rd party launchagents, launchdaemons, and removed all of the login items for my primary user account. Still no success.
    I've repaired the disk permissions, ran diskwarrior from the boot disc, still nothing.
    Deleted all of my caches, still nothing. Font cache, library/caches, everything.
    Tried logging in as a different user, can't even get finder to come up. Even when logging in as root.

    I'm out of ideas here, I think my installation is just completely nerfed and I'm going to have to reinstall. I can get into safe mode and get all of my data off to a safe location, but I'm wanting to see if I can fix everything first. Anyone have any more suggestions? All of my data is at least backed up, so reinstalling won't hurt my feelings, it'll just waste my time, lol.
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    Jan 10, 2010
    This same thing is happening to me now; done all the things you did but no change. Did you ever find a reason or solution to this?

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