iPod Missing: iPod Madonna, iPod Becks, iPod No Doubt


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Nov 3, 2013
Munich, Germany
Dear all, and dear collectors,

My collection of iPods is almost complete. I'm collecting all sealed regular iPods and all special editions of any condition. If you have or know where to get any of them - please, contact me:

iPod with Becks Engraving

And the following ones (I need only sealed ones - factory sealed within original boxes):

iPod classic 2nd generation 5GB, 10GB and 20GB (only Windows ones)
iPod nano 4th generation 16GB - pink
iPod nano 4th generation 4GB - blue, green, yellow, pink, red
iPod with color screen (iPod photo) 40GB
iPod+HP black/white 40GB
iPod+HP with color screen (iPod photo) 60GB
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