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    Dec 23, 2014
    When I check the installed security updates through "system information" on Yosemite.
    Security update 2015-001
    Security update 2015-002
    Security update 2015-004
    Security update 2015-006
    Security update 2016-001
    Security update 2016-002
    Security update 2016-003
    Security update 2016-004
    Security update 2016-005

    The missing updates Security update 2015-003 and 2015-005 are missing. I have tried to install manual but get an error can't install which I believe is because it is designed to install on a pre version of 10.10.5. But the problem is that specific update has not been installed. Is their any way to install ? Can i confirm its security patch is installed?

    I will be reinstalling my operating system if no resolution as this appears to be a hack designed to omit existing security updates.

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  2. chrfr macrumors 604

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    You can clean install 10.10.5 and then Security update 2016-005 and won't see any of the interim security updates. The net result is the same: you end up with a fully patched build of Yosemite. Apple's security updates are not required to be installed in order.
    Unfortunately, Apple's documentation doesn't make this clear.
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