Missouri Tax Free Holiday and the EPP store?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by electricdugong, Jul 25, 2011.

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    I have an odd question, I am wondering if anyone out there knows if you can combine the benefit of the Missouri tax free holiday coming up soon with the discount from the EPP store I have access to through my work. I am unable to find any information on combining the 2. I did find a link on Apple's site about the 2010 holiday and shopping online but that being a year old and not in the EPP store I wasn't sure. It would bring my total of a 13 inch Macbook air and Applecare to $1440, saving about a hundred at least.
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    I don't see why you couldn't. The Back to School sale can be combined with a state tax free weekend because they are controlled by two separate entities (the State and Apple).

    If you can't, I guess you haven't really lost anything.
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    Missouri state sales tax holiday effective on certain purchases. Your local city may still charge local taxes.

    The Missouri State Sales Tax exemption includes:
    Clothing - any article of clothing including shoes, having a taxable value of $100 or less (no belt buckles)
    School Supplies - not to exceed $50 per purchase (no iPods)
    Computer Software - taxable value of $350 or less
    Personal Computers - not to exceed $3,500. (not for business use) iPads are okay.

    Do items purchased over the Internet qualify for a Back-To-School Sales Tax Holiday Exemption?

    Yes, if the purchase of the qualifying item occurs during the sales tax holiday, is subject to sales tax, and the transaction is completed during the holiday. Delivery can occur after the holiday if the purchaser pays in full during the sales tax holiday.

    It looks like 18 month free interest deals don't count.

    Out of state people can buy tax free, but they may owe use tax in their state.

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