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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by MilgramUCI, Jun 17, 2007.

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    Jun 17, 2007
    While stumbling through local news I picked up a story about a nationwide contest that Yahoo and Ivanka Trump are running. They are trying to find unusual new business owners. They had a pool of 9,000 which has been reduced to 5. Here's the Mac spin. One of the finalists, a real lovely looking lady named Missy Beehive, designs exotic goblins, fairies, trolls, and pixies, and is an ex-rockstar from a band called Voice Of The Beehive that is featured on the iTunes music store. The Mac spin gets better - on her website she claims to hate technology and didn't want to have a site until she started using an iMac, which leads her to build a site, and then be nominated for this contest which has a winning value of about $35k.

    The contest is an American Idol type format where internet voters will decide the outcome.

    Missy Beehive's profile is here:

    And the contest, which features a video of each finalist is here:

    I love Mac stories like this....

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    Very Cool

    I have VOTB tracks on my iPod. I voted for her - what a great story!!! Thanks - how did you find this story? Are you a VOTB fan? There were a great band, "So Hard" is one of my favorite songs....


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