mistake I made setting up photos on apple TV

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by SolarCanoe, Oct 24, 2016.

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    So I just purchased my first apple tv - a 4th gen one. So far I love it - but i made one mistake and I'm hoping you guys can help me

    I didn't want to have access to my photos through the apple tv and I was happy to see that once you have signed into iCloud, you again have to sign in with your password to access the iCloud photo library. I was bored, so i decided to try out the iCloud photo library thinking i could just log out again after.

    Turns out, once you type your password in, thats it, it saves it and theres no going back. I tried everything. I even reset the apple TV to factory settings and deleted it from the devices list from the apple ID website. Once it was all set up again and logged into iCloud on the apple tv, it does not require a password to access iCloud Photo library

    this is part a warning to other users, and a plea for help incase there is anything i can try that i haven't already tried. If you want to use iCloud on your apple TV for homekit but want to restrict access to your photos, do not sign in to iCloud photo library even to try it
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    There is an option in settings I believe under accounts.
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    Go to settings/accounts/icloud. Set icloud photo library to off.
    If you do not have any other devices such as ipad etc that you want
    to access your photos on then on your iphone go to settings/icloud/photos.
    Turn off icloud photo library & or upload to my photo stream

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