Mixed PC/Mac environment with Mac 10.6 server sharing issue

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    In this mixed environment, I can't figure out how to get new documents created on the Macs (saved onto a shared folder on the server) to be set as read/write for the PC user. I'm not a Mac system admin, just to start with, but I do use Macs all the time and feel like I know what I'm doing. This is just escaping me.

    So new documents and folders, when created by a Mac, are created with permissions that give user group "staff" and "everyone" read only access, and give the "nobody" account ready and write access. If I manually go in I can change it so that staff has read/write, and propagate that to contained items, and then everything is editable. But new documents in that folder (any everywhere) are still not. Can anyone help me figure out what setting must be changed so that new documents and folders created by Mac clients are created with staff having read/write permissions?

    I'll be back at the client site tomorrow so I'm really hoping (and expectED) to have an answer by then.

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