Mixing new AEBS with old to extend network?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by mntentman, Mar 8, 2009.

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    I current have two AEBSs and a Time Capsule... one AEBS extends the signal wirelessly to the other two. I have both g and n Macs and iPhones on this network, so the g devices slow it down.

    I would like to replace the main AEBS with one of the new models... but only if I can set up a dual-band network that will extend via WDS to the older AEBS and TC. In other words, I want to be able to make sure the g devices only use the 2.4 network.. leaving the n devices to use faster speeds on the n network.

    Can this be done? Does anyone yet have experience doing it?

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    Jan 15, 2007
    I installed a new AEBS station, so I guess I will answer my own question, in case it helps anyone else out. Keep in mind I am not an expert by any means in this stuff.

    Here's how it works, at least in my experience so far. You set up your network, selecting the appropriate radio options. Then, in Airport Utility under wireless options, you have the option to name the 5GHz portion of the network. When you do, that network will show up in your network menu along with the network you set up. You can name then the same thing if you want, one will simply be appended with (5GHz).

    So, now you want to extend your network. You can do so, but you have to select either the "regular" or the 5GHz network to extend. In my case, since my wife sits with her Powerbook in the living room most of the time, I extended the G network to the Time Capsule that sits in that room. Then I extended the 5GHz network to the old AEBS that sits in the family room, which is where my MPB usually is. The iPhones are used all over but it has never been an issue getting a wi-fi signal and doesn't seem to be now either. This setup seems to work fine. There may be ways to tweak it I don't know of.

    Oh, one other thing. I back up my MPB to the TC, and I had to switch the MPB to the G network, which is extended to the TC, before I could do the backup to the TC. The TC did not show up if I was on the 5GHz network that is NOT extended to the TC.
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    Interesting post - sorry you ended up having to answer your own question!

    To summarize, you're basically saying that you have a dual-band TC and only one of the bands can be extended with your current hardware. Makes sense. Right now I have a house w/ an AEBS and TC. They're both from the previous generation, and I hate that the N devices need to be slowed down by the iPhones, iPods, etc on the network. I thought about upgrading one of the two devices, but I think I'll just wait a while and upgrade both. Happy airporting!

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