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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Daleswede, Nov 3, 2008.

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    Hoping someone can help me shed a light on this one.
    I'm new to MKV files, but keen to start using them, and recently downloaded 3 different ones.
    At first I just passed them through VisualHub, checked the quality on VLC player and in iTunes (which all looks great), and then got ready last night to watch them on the AppleTV.
    Chose the first movie, and no audio. Ran upstairs, plays fine on MacBook Pro, so tried second and third movies, and all the same issue.

    I started trying to research this on the web, and came across a guide mentioning that MKV files are typically DTS, and that you have to convert them to Dolby Digital. Now challenge here was that because the conversion worked, I deleted 2 of the original MKV files (leaving just the VisualHug generated MOV's), but I do have one of these left.

    Found a guide which seemed to answer my problems here:User Guide

    Installed VMWare Fusion so I could run the Windows tool, only to find that this doesn't appear to have a DTS sound track. The details shown for this are below:

    Video Track:
    Track Number: 1
    Name: You Don't Mess With The Zohan
    Codec: V_MPEG4/ISO/AVC
    Pixel Resolution: 1280x688
    Aspect ratio: 1.86
    Display Resolution: 1280x688
    Frames per second: 23.976
    Audio Track #1
    Track Number: 2
    Name: AC3
    Codec: A_AC3
    Language: eng
    SampleRate: 48000
    Channels: 6
    Subtitle Track #1
    Track Number: 3
    Name: Forced
    Codec: S_TEXT/UTF8
    Language: eng

    I'm hoping some kind soul can spare a few minutes to point me in the right direction. I've been converting all my existing DVD's using Handbrake without issue, but many of my BlueRay titles I'd also like on the AppleTV, so only option appears to be download an MKV and convert it, but without audio, i'm not having much luck.

    Happy to learn new processes, and would like to think I'm fairly literate with this stuff, but 4 hours spent today to no avail. Please help :)

    Many thanks

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