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    I have a lot of movies that I ripped that are currently in 5.1 DTS and MKV containers. I normally use MP4tools and Subler to remux it to MP4 and AC3 audio with a 2 channel stereo to make it work on my Apple TV and other iDevices.

    However, I find that the stereo sound is quite a fair bit lower in volume than my surround sound version when listening on my computer, and in iTunes I can't switch to surround sound since I use headphones. Is there a program that can let me convert the stereo sound to a higher quality format?
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    Try Beamer App, plays MKV on your ATV directly (no conversion or jailbreaking or iTunes needed) with DTS sound.
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    Your problem is low volume, not low quality. I guess you simply want higher volume on your stereo track? That may not be so easy to accomplish. Your stereo track is a downmix from your surround track, and will more or less always suffer from lower volume due to this. It will likely also have a high dynamic range.

    Unless you want to deal with dynamic range compression, the best you can do is to make sure the program you use to generate the stereo track also normalizes the track. That's about it. To generate a good stereo track is a very hard problem, actually. Most people don't care.

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