MKV to quicktime passthrough?

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    mkv is just a container designation. It is the specifications of the audio & video content that matters to iTunes and the ATV3:

    AppleTV3 Tech Specs

    I find that my ATV3 will play most anything I throw at it that loads in iTunes except for 1080i in 59.97 fps. To get mkv's to load in iTunes you need to convert the container to mp4/m4v/mov.

    There may be some audio issues if there is not a companion 2 channel AAC audio track in addition to the 5.1 AC3 inside the mkv, especially if you are not feeding the digital audio output to your home theater.

    Basically, you need to provide more detailed information for a more definite answer...

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    It's a simple container swap with no effect on video quality. Just convert the MKV to mp4 or m4v with some free or paid apps.
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    Subler or MP4Tools, possibly mkvtoolnix too.

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