ML Desktop Switch Stutter: Cause Discovered?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by xdxdaustin, Sep 3, 2012.

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    Sep 28, 2010
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    I was surfing the interwebs and I stumbled across this on the Apple support forums,
    "31.07.12 14:30:00,619 Dock[202]: find_shared_window: WID 879
    31.07.12 14:30:00,619 Dock[202]: CGSGetWindowTags: Invalid window 0x36f".
    -posted by sweet-jane.

    Could a potential fix be made knowing this console error? It appears to be something with a dock. I did see a thread that advertised a fix by making sure you had no stacks on your dock, but that didn't seem to do it for me. Also, sweet-jane mentioned that console does not output that error when switching using the keyboard, rather than the gestures.
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    Mar 11, 2009
    I can certainly confirm the errors in console and the fact they only trigger on swipe or ⌘→ and ⌘← — I bugreported the stutters in spaces switching when I got my rMBP and my bugreport was marked as a duplicate. I'm also pretty sure Apple engineers know how to use Console ;)

    For me there is a more significant problem than occasional stutter. And that is the S-Curve that has been applied to the animation in Mountain Lion, the anim ramps up and then down very gradually which makes the switch immensely annoying. Another bug I reported in 10.8 that was fixed in 10.8.1 was dropped keys, sometimes during the animation when you tried to switch again OS X wouldn't respond to the keys until the animation was finished.

    Anyway because of idiotic S-curve on the animation I always swipe into MC then switch spaces or use ⌘1-n to switch so I never see the stutter ;)

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