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Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by Saturn1217, May 2, 2012.

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    Dear developers,

    Not trying to make anyone break NDA but I was wondering I was wondering if a long standing issue I've had with Lion (which I haven't seen many people bring up) is addressed in ML. This concerns quicklook's ability to view pdfs.

    I'm actually more or less ok with how Lion runs on my 2009 13inch MBP and imagine it will run even better if I upgrade my computer.

    However there is one thing which I was never able to 'fix' in Lion that was really useful in Snow Leopard and that was the ability to zoom pdfs in quicklook from the finder. Basically using quicklook to preview a pdf article in SL allowed me to zoom a pdf to fill the whole WIDTH of the screen. I actually often just read pdfs in quicklook if I wasn't sure I wanted to highlight them etc. BUT in Lion quicklook only gives me a very small preview of the pdf limited to showing the whole page on one screen. This is too small for me to read comfortably. Enabling full screen view for the pdf while still in quicklook does virtually nothing (aka the pdf is STILL too small to read).

    I need to keep literally hundreds of very similar looking scientific articles organized on my computer for grad school so while this may seem like a small issue to some it has actually impacted my productivity. One of the reasons I switched to mac in the first place was because file browsing with quicklook made finding the pdf articles I wanted and organizing them soooo much easier than it was on XP.

    Is there any fix for this in ML? And if not I would ask (nay beg) the developers on this forum to submit this as feedback. I think Apple will listen to developers more. (I've already left feedback and even emailed Tim Cook about it). It just seems like an oversight (rather than an intentional design change like mission control, etc) so I figured if enough people brought it up Apple would not mind fixing it...:eek:

    Thank you! And I've attached a screen shot of what pdfs look like with full screen quickview. Basically what I want is to be able to zoom in more than this so I can read the pdf easily.

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    Option-scroll is zooming them for me in Mountain Lion, at least.
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    That's great! Thanks for answering my question. I just tried option scrolling in Lion and it did nothing so maybe Apple realized their error and fixed it.

    Just to clarify you're not talking about the zoom feature that is present system wide in OSX (I use control + scrolling) which basically just magnifies your whole screen without changing the resolution so when you zoom in really far things are all blurry are you? Just want to make sure...
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    Thanks a lot for the confirmation. I'm really looking forward to this release!

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