ML won't do the recovery?!!HELP

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by jian, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. jian, Oct 9, 2012
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    Hi all, so I tried to reinstall ML on my rMBP. Here is waht I did, I went to the recovery page on startup, reformat my HD, and when I click install ML, it just keeps "downloading additional components. Your computer will restart automatically"
    So I am like ok, and I sat my rMBP aside and start working on my iMac.
    only a few min later, an error pops up, so I retried everything I did, only this time I have the logs open, and heres what I have

    Chunk Validation failed, retrying.... X 10
    Chuck Validation failed, retrys exhausted, failing.
    retrying http-chunked://abunchofbullcrapweblinkfromappledotcomandblahblah..
    Chunklist is production signed.

    and then, it goes back to Chunk Validation failed, retrying.... X 10 into a loop....
    any idea? I suppose I can burn the image onto a USB stick or an SD card, but I don't want to do that, unless it's my last option...

    So I called Applecare, the rep didn't know what's going on, which was cool because the problem was very tricky, and he transferred me to a senior rep.
    The senior rep was a prick. He wouldn't respond to me, and it seems like he was annoyed. he asked me why would I reinstall the OSX if theres nothing wrong with it? I said I wanted to clean it up and just kinda give it a fresh start, he basically was blaming me for doing something he called "unnecessary."

    He then made me performed a internet recovery, no luck, apparently there is a connection error between my internet and apples server. When I told him the problem, there was a good 5 second awkward silence, so I went hello? no response. I hello-ed again and ask if he could hear me, he said yes, I could hear you and continued to ignore me.

    I then just kinda read the error code out loud, and he went... (another long awkward silence...) OK, that code means you can't connect to the server. Go to your router and reset it.
    I told him I have no access to the router because it's in my landlord's room and I can't go into that area this time of the day, he yelled "What you mean you don't have access to your router? it's your router that's blocking the server!!!"

    Anyway, he made a genius bar appointment for me, but I figured instead of waiting for my appointment, I'll just boot the OSX image on an SD card and do it myself (Didn't want to do it, but it's easier than going to Apple)

    Out of 10, I would give this call a 1 star rating, but since the first rep Bob was really nice, I will probably give it a 4-5.meh....
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    I'd say call apple and/or schedule an appointment with an apple genius
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    Yeah, I was gonna call them, but...hey, it's only 5 in the morning here..gotta wait for another hour before these people get to work :rolleyes::rolleyes:

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