MLB At Bat all Live Streaming games Free this Weekend.

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    From MLB

    f you are among the many fans who have the At Bat app on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad devices, then maybe you've already noticed that the "At.Bat.TV Free Game of the Day" label appears throughout the 30 games on the Saturday and Sunday schedules.

    That's a thank you for making At Bat 2010 the No. 1 Sports App in Apple's iTunes Store. This free weekend of live Major League Baseball lets you watch MLB.TV the same way many others do on a daily basis.

    Some blackouts will apply. Here are more details on the free weekend:

    Also a list of teams that will be black out due to Fox Broadcasting Saturday.
    Indians at A's, Yankees at Angels, and Mariners at White Sox. The Braves at Mets are ESPN's Sunday night game
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    Apr 11, 2010
    Wow, thanks for posting that. Awesome of MLB/apple to do is! :apple:
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    I wonder how AT&T feels about mlb's generosity....

    I'm a regular user of this feature (I have premium) and look how much data i've consumed over the past week!

    Notice at the bottom of the pic i reset the stats on 4/16/10. Its 4/23/10 now....

    Its safe to say that this app is a beastly bandwidth consumer. Usually works well (the network and app) though usually I watch games during off peak network times, mostly late evenings. But still, over 900 megs down in a week. Pure insanity for ATT :)

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