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    Nov 20, 2008
    Fisrt of all, let's set the stage. We have several PC's and will moving from MicroSoft to Apple in the next two quarters. We own one "I" phone in test and are pleaed with the results. We are a small bussiness. We have 10 employees and 5 management/owners. We wish to sync the contacts and callanders of the managers/owners. We would also like the same sync service to sync several files. All PC's run XP, except for one laptop running Vista. After the experience with Vista, the decision to move to Apple was easy. We don't want to be IT techs, we don't wanted to be involved with products that require off shore tech support. We just want to run our company.

    I started a free trial with MM. Outlook information worked right away. could only sync files manually. When syncing several small files MANUALLY, walk away and come back later, and if no error messages, you are done. Cancelled MM after three weeks. Tech support sucks.

    Started using Dropbox. Files sync was fast. Product was easy to install and setup. Very user friendly interface. Could not sysnc outlook info. E-mailed support, never heard from them.

    Started Interways pain in the ass to set up. Complicated user interface. Works on outlook data and syncs files. Contacted support via telephone. Good support.

    Is there something out there that is easy to set up (dropbox), easy to to maitain (dropbox), and snycs outlook data and files (interways)?

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