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  1. KDuncan macrumors newbie

    Feb 15, 2008
    OK, so mms can be sent to other phones using My question is....Do all MMS messages sent to your mobile number go through this gateway? If so, is it possible to setup an email account on the iphone for....let Or whatever the mms email address is for your phone number? Maybe my thinking is off and i have no clue what im asking...but wouldnt that mean that any message passing through that gateway would be sent to said email account that setup on your iphone? My thinking is that this would allow you to receive mms directly on your iphone through this email account. Someone with some more knowledge on the subject chime in here. But i think the main holdup would be finding out the correct account setting to create the email account on the iphone. Do these settings exist in a place where we could get them?

    PS....Just got bored and started thinking..:rolleyes:..(thats what happens i guess.) How cool it would be to actually figure out a way to have MMS on the iphone...without actually having MMS on the iphone. :cool:
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    I know that you can have others send pictures to an e-mail address you check on your phone just fine. Don't think you can send pictures OUT through your provider's MMS gateway though.

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