MMS/Pic Messaging not working


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Jul 19, 2012
On beta 3 it didn't work for me either but resetting the network settings helped. Haven't checked to see if MMS was working on Beta 4 yet.
what carrier do you have and which iphone model? i tried everything... went to AT&T and apple got a new sim card and all still no luck at all! i just updated to beta 4 and still not working


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Aug 13, 2008
tried that it doesnt work... been like this every since beta 3
A friend of mine had same issue on iOS 5 on her brand new iphone 4S turned on iMessage which will be happy using Wifi if available but MMS would not go through. we found the issue.

check "settings-->general-->cellular" and make sure "Cellular Data" is on MMS requires cell Data even with WiFi enabled as MMS goes directly through your Phone carrier