mms video's with iphon4 problem

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    Jun 29, 2010
    why is it when you mms a video in hd to anyone, it comes out in a mini version and not in hd.

    when i mms my wife a hd video i just shot on my iphone4 of our daughter it comes out very grainy and small on her iphone4?
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    Jun 29, 2010
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    yes, any hd videos you shot on your iphone and sent directly from your iphone via mms, email or youtube will come out like that, because Apple or AT&T made it that way, because it will take a long time to upload or send actual hd videos from the iphone especially if you're using 3G signal only, so they compress the video in lower resolution and as a result it all comes out blurry. The only solution is to export your hd videos from your iPhone to your Mac or PC using iMovie app for Mac and not sure what software for PC and then from your computer, you can email or upload to youtube or any other video site.

    Now if you really rather upload from you iPhone directly, there's an app that will let you upload actual HD videos from your iPhone to Youtube and it's called 720tube, it's free and simple. Warning though, it will take awhile to upload even a short HD video from your iPhone and once you upload it to youtube, it may take youtube sometime to process your video and be able to watch it in HD.

    And if you're ready to watch your video in youtube, do not watch it from your iPhone Youtube app because it won't show the HD quality, it will only show the lower quality, watch it from your computer or instead go to your Safari on your iphone and go to Youtube mobile website and then from there you have the option to watch it on HQ resolution and the video will come out better.;)

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