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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by daustin21, Feb 9, 2011.

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    Last week I received my Mobee Magic Charger. I haven't seen any in depth reviews or pictures here so I wanted to share.


    Initial thoughts upon opening the shipping box was that this item certainly fits with the Apple product ethos. Very clean, streamlined, and as little wasted space as possible. Size is about the same as an OSX SL upgrade box.


    Again, the packaging is direct and to the point. Items are very well protected in perfectly cut thick foam. There aren't any instructions manuals. Just a very easy to follow 3 step picture diagram. Its obviously pretty straight forward, but I was personally happy to not have a completely unnecessary 20pg booklet stuffed inside with a half dozen registration cards and warranty info.

    Below the 3 picture diagram is a simple explanation of the lights on the charging mat.

    Flashing Green - Charging
    Solid Green - Fully Charged
    Flashing Red - Failure to Charge
    Solid Red - Waiting

    I will go over the Red indicators in a minute.


    Charging Mat, Magic Mouse (Not Included), USB Cable, Rechargeable Battery


    The Charging Mat is a VERY nice piece. VERY high quality. Feels like the same aluminum material used throughout the Mac lineup. The rubber feet are soft and thick. The top of the charger has the same glass feel of the Magic Mouse.


    The Rechargeable Battery is very well constructed. One thing I especially like about this unit is that the bottom plate of the Magic Mouse is built into the recharging unit. That plate is pretty frail and I, personally, always worried about it breaking over time with swapping out the standard rechargeable batteries. Now, ideally, you wont ever have to open the mouse up.


    It's a very tight fit. Feels like OEM.


    As you can see in the photo, there is a red light on. This solid red light indicates that the unit is in a wait mode.


    Green light is solid when fully charged and flashing when charging. There have been a few times when the mouse didn't make a connection when on the mat and those are the instances where you will have a flashing red light. In that case I would reset the mouse on the mat and the light clicked green. I have had no issues with my Mac Pro waking up from sleep or my nightly sleep being affected by the charging.


    I know there was a rather large debate in the comment section when this was featured on the main page about desk clutter and wires.

    I know everyone has different preferences but for me, the build quality, visual integration into any Mac setup, and no need to open up the mouse is worth the tiny real estate, wire, and extra expense. I have the wire twist tied up behind my 30" ACD, so visually you see about 2 inches of the USB wire. I chose to keep the mat to the side but you could also put it on the base of the ACD and you wouldn't be taking up any extra space.

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    Well, a second review with more in-depth pics then :eek:
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    out of interest, how is the weight? Does it feel the same as having two batteries in there?
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    It looks like those batteries are removable from the casing. The question is, could the batteries be removed and put in another mouse? Or is the induction/recharging circuitry external to the batteries?

    Anyone care to take a screw driver to their brand new Mobee?

    In the off chance this is possible, of course the batteries would have to be flush with the bottom of the mouse.
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    That's pretty neat, but it's just another thing to have plugged in! I just use the standard Rayovac Hybrid / Samsung Eneloop Rechargeable batteries... They work with my Wii, my keyboard, my magic mouse, my tivo remote, and my DSLR. I have a charger with batteries in it at all times, and that keeps me from having something like that. I prefer a totally wireless setup, and a charging station like that is just another wire!

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