MobielIron Tracking Issue?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by tentex87, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. tentex87 macrumors newbie

    Jan 28, 2014
    Hello. I have been with my employer for about 8 months now. They install MobileIron on their devices. This on in particular is an iPhone 4S. I work in parts of my town where you are liable to be robbed at any moment. I was robbed of my work iPhone 4S on a Saturday morning. To keep a long story short, my employer met with me the next week and said they had opened a case regarding the robbery. They explained they opened a case because they were able to 'ping' the phone the following Monday morning and it came back to roughly my home address. The issue is that the last time my company phone was at my house was Saturday morning before I was robbed.

    I am assuming, if the thief knew anything about phones, that he did a factory reset on it so he can download apps, etc and sell the phone. Is it possible that MobileIron is reporting the last known location of the phone before it was turned off, wiped, etc after it was taken from me? I am at a loss for words here because the phone was legitimately stolen. I filed a police report and everything as soon as it happened. Also, A co-worker tried to track his phone with MobileIron shortly after all this and showed me that it could not be tracked. He received an error "Location Failed. Location could not be determined."

    I just don't have any reason to steal a work phone. I know the phones are tracked and I already have a personal iPhone 4S. I am scheduled to meet again about the report next week. Can anyone shed some light on this issue? What could possibly be going on?
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    wouldn't it be better to contact the MobileIron people at their site? They are more likely to know than we are.

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