Mobile hotspot, is it free?

Discussion in 'iOS 6' started by spinedoc77, Oct 18, 2012.

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    Admittedly a noob question, but I couldn't find it in ATT's documentation or on a google/MR forums search. I have one of the new ATT mobile share plans, I have 2 iphone 4s on the plan and pay an extra $10 for my ipad to share data.

    I never knew about the mobile hotspot feature and to my understanding it means I can share my 4g data from my iphone to any wifi enabled device. Enabling this, is this free? Do I have to register or pay for the device that is piggybacking? One reason I ask is because I'm wondering if it's worth paying the $10 for my ipad if I carry my iphone with me all the time anyway and can just mobile hotspot, another reason is I would also like to mobile hotspot a laptop to my iphone.
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    Yes, it is part of the AT&T Mobile Share plan.
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    The $10 can be worth it or not depending on how much you plan to use your iPad with cellular data.

    If you only pull it out once in a while, it's not really worth the $10. However, if you're using it all the time, it can be worth it because if you tether, you have to turn on mobile hotspot every time you use the iPad to do something, and also the iPad won't get push notifications unless you tether. Also, you'll only be burning battery life on the iPad, instead of both the iPad and phone when you tether.

    I wish the tethering process were more automatic. I realize the iPhone shuts down the Wifi hotspot to save battery, but it'd be neat if it could listen for an iPad trying to connect and come up automatically for it.
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    Awesome thanks much for the info guys, it's nice to know I have a free alternative way to connect. I think I'll keep my ipad connect, $10 is worth it to not have to disconnect if I get a phone call for example. Will be nice to connect my laptop, but I'll have to probably look for a higher data plan.
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    You don't disconnect

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