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    Jan 14, 2005
    So, I'm finding that the way gmail (and potentially others) works on the iPhone is not what fits my usage.

    The phone is not my primary email client. I'm basically a 98% gmail web-interface user. However, when I'm away from home or a browser for an extended period, I'd like to be able to check up on my mail.

    Right now, I get tons of email on the phone that I don't want to get on the device. I've already read it via the web interface. So I can either delete them all regularly, or leave them and ignore the "unread" indicator on the launcher.

    What I'd really like is this: when I explicitly check my mail on the phone, I'd like to only see messages that would show as unread in the gmail web interface. If I've already read it online, I don't want a copy on my phone.

    Am I some kind of a freak for wanting this type of functionality? Actually, if gmail offered a clean, iPhone-formatted web client, I'd probably just use that.
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    You need a mail server that supports IMAP to do what you want with the iPhone.
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    Well, I set up a new Yahoo! account because I had the same theory. I still get the emails on my phone, but at least they are marked as read if i read them in the web client first. I suppose this is as close as I'll ever get to what I really want.

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