Mobile Me and Time Capsules not working

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    Nov 8, 2007
    At home, I have a 2TB Time Capsule for a media server and router.
    We have a Mac Mini to play movies from the Time Capsule via ethernet.
    And we have 2 Macbooks for home. We use AT&T U-verse for internet with their 2-wire gateway.

    At work, we have a 1TB Time Capsule for a server and router.
    We have 2 Mac Pro's connected via ethernet, and 2 Macbook's connected via WiFi.

    I can connect to the office computers from home, and vice versa, via MobileMe.
    But I can not connect to any of the Time Capsules, only locally.
    I need to be able to connect to the office TC when on location, and I need to connect to the home TC when away as well. But they don't show up with my other computers.

    I have NAT enabled on both, I wasn't sure about 'default host' so it's unchecked.
    I have entered my MobileMe info in both, and file sharing turned on, and share over WAN, and local host name info.
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    Are you trying to use back to my Mac. I.e. Remote Desktop type connection or are trying to do AFP file sharing over the Internet? If AFP don't you have to ope a port forwarding to your sharing host? I think is something like 543 but not sure.
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