Mobile Me Calendar stole my Outlook Calendar?

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    Mar 22, 2011
    Hi all - I've been using my iPhone, syncing with Outlook through iTunes and the mobileMe utility for a few years, with varying results. there were usually problems with time zones, and duplicate note items showing up on my stickies on the iphone - but no big deal.

    Yesterday, while in the middle of upgrading the iphone in itunes, my phone went spastic and went in to recovery mode. My PC was having Apple Mobile Support driver trauma, so I just ended up recovering and updating the OS on the phone using another computer (didn't sync it), completely reinstalled iTunes, (and all other apple stuff) and then recovered from back up on my normal computer. All was happy and well and good then, I *think*... but at some point during all this craziness, .me suggested that I upgrade to the new fancy pants mobile me Calendar. I trust Apple... so SURE! Why not? I did that, and it's installed some sort of button in outlook that offers a moblieMe refresh.

    Well - Now... all of my calendar items in outlook are now gone on my PC, however, but all those events are still in my iCAL... on my phone and on I even get reminders IN outlook for calendar events that aren't in the outlook calendar - but are on moblieMe.

    I'm at a loss... :eek: How the heck do I get my calendar items back in to outlook!?
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    Moved, not stolen

    I went through this recently, and it's sure aggravating. Apple gets so many things right, and then inexplicable drives into the ditch.

    Check to see whether Outlook is now managing an additional personal folders file called MobileMe Calendars, containing just a Calendar folder. Your appointments are there.

    One aggravating aspect of this is that calendars outside the primary personal folders file will be ignored by the Outlook reminder processor. Grrr... Why, oh why doesn't MobileMe just use the primary Calendar?

    John Atkinson
    Atkinson Tech Help

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