Mobile Me can't sync ical files over 1mb?!

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    Jun 2, 2005
    I have had persistent problems with Mobile Me since December. They go like this:
    I can't log in to my calendar on MM. It says that it can't load it. After chatting with a rep a few weeks ago, we figured out that we can reset syncs, unregsiter my computers and then replace all data on MM.

    This works fine for a few days, but then it happens again...

    It happens in multiple browsers.

    The error message is: "MobileMe is unable to load your calendar MobileMe could not load your information from the server. Try reloading the page. If this problem persists, contact MobileMe Support."

    Was running 10.5.5, now running 10.5.6.

    The weird thing is that our calendars ARE syncing. They get from three different Macs back and forth and two different iPhones fine. but we can't get into MM calendar.

    Here's what the MM chat agent told me today after we found out my iCal backup file was 38.8mb.

    "sorry but the reason you are seeing these issues is because the total size of a calendar that you can sync without seeing any issues would be 1MB. Doesn't mean it won't sync but you will see weird such as you are seeing now."

    Jeff Noble: what can i do to make it shrink? and why weren't MM users told this?

    Agent: (name withheld) It is just how the Mobile Me Sync is designed as it cannot manage to Sync files over the air large than 1MB. It would just be too much data. You could back up the calendars to your desktop and only sync under 1MB of events.

    Jeff Noble: where is this in print? And how would i do that? ical has no way of exporting events in certain time frames...!

    Agent: It is stated in the terms of use that Mobile Me is only intended for Consumer use and not Bussiness accounts.

    Any ideas here, folks? Help! How can I shrink my iCal file?
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    Oct 9, 2008
    The biggest size hogs for iCal are recurring events. Especially if they have no end-date. Also consider deleting any events older than the past 6 months, what do you need them for? And if you really need them for reference down the line, go ahead and move the older events to a new calendar, export it out, and then delete it from iCal. You can always reimport the ics file if you need to.

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