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Jun 3, 2010
South Korea

Having searched the forums and read the mobile me website, I am still not sure what mobile me can do for me that my iPad cant do already, particularly when it comes to email.

I am now using my iPad heavily for work email and wondered if mobile me has any benefits on the email side that would make my life easier.

Can anyone shed any light on this for me?



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Jul 21, 2010
OC, California
It lets you keep all of you contacts, email, calendars, pictures etc.. In the cloud so they can be synced and accessed from multiple computers and iDevices. You also get an iDisk to store files in the cloud.


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Jan 4, 2009
San Antonio, Texas
There are other solutions all around but it does do it without hassle and is an all in one solution. When it comes to email, any account that lets you set up as IMAP instead of POP will do the same.

Perhaps the coolest feature, and may or may not work depending on device, is the find my phone feature. At $60-90 a year, it is probably overpriced unless you need the last feature I just mentioned, as you can also sync things with iTunes.


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Jun 9, 2009
SW London, UK
Mail side, I push all of my emails into just my MobileMe account so I can manage it easier (although not really necessary with Unified Email Accounts in OS 4.)

And as everyone has listed, it's other features are top class as well.


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Apr 12, 2009
Sydney, Australia
I only use MobileMe for the Find my iPhone feature. Everything else is personally worthless to me, other than the contacts syncing. It's overpriced for what I use it for, but there aren't any other solutions that accomplish the same thing.


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Aug 8, 2007
I use all the features that mobile me offers. I use the email address as my main personal email. Sync all contacts, calendars pics bla bla bla to all my idevices. Theonly thing that I can't can't do is sync contacts and calendars with my blackberry so I have to use google for that. I host my website on my idisk so my site can be as big as I want. I have a family package so all the family have iDisks and MobileMe address. I think it's great. It is expensive but for me it's worth it.



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Jun 20, 2010
IDisk is nice if you have apps that take advantage of WebDAV based services natively. As others have said, there are services out there that do the same thing for less, but it's nice at times to have the all-in-one solution.

If you do it, use Ebay or Amazon for your purchase. Either will be significantly less expensive than buying through Apple.
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