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    After being a life-long Mac user who has done nothing but praise the Macintosh operating system and Apple products, Apple has finally fallen from my grace. I have continuing problems with the new Intel chips, iphone problems, and now tried my luck at the mobile me service. Much to my dismay, I still can't get my iphone to restore and I have NEVER been able to simply add files onto my idisk via my computer. Here's my rant and please post yours in hopes of Apple listening.

    FIRST: iphone. Let's face it. AT&T has bad service. I live in Manhattan, smack in the middle, the largest metropolitan city in the country, with dropped calls, and NO, yes NO service in my apartment in Tribeca. AT&T claims that I am being seen on 50, YES 50, of their cell-phone signal towers and there should be no reason why I do not have service (my sim card can actually be seen from a New Jersey tower!!!!). Therefore in AT&T's opinion the problems lies in my building architecture, and is not AT&T's problem or responsibility. All of the polite customer service representatives and tech support representatives take a short breath and pause when I explain to them that I had fantastic reception and no dropped calls with Verizon in my apartment. While I visit family in St. Louis, again no service (thank you Verizon for continuing to provide exceptional service)...So my note to Apple on this one: PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THINGS GOOD, RELEASE YOURSELF FROM GRIP OF YOUR EXCLUSIVE CONTRACT WITH AT&T AND CREATE A CDMA CELL PHONE FOR THE REST OF US. WE'LL PAY THE 500 DOLLARS FOR THE PHONE, THE PHONE TRANSFORMED THE WAY PEOPLE THINK ABOUT THEIR PHONES AND THEIR LIVES ON IT. STOP HAMPERING YOURSELVES WITH THE LARGEST AND WORST PHONE CARRIER IN THE US.

    Ok iphone again. I have been unable to load music on my iphone after the last update. I restored my phone from a backup and eveytime I plug my iphone into the computer and click on the iphone to do something is says

    "Set up your iphone - An iphone has been previously synced with this computer" and my options are "set up as a new iphone" or "restore from the back up of: 8/28" I choose backup from 8/28. great..... ....restoring... .....restoring.......restoring.....done! "Please unplug the iphone and replug in to your computer" OK..Done.........Itunes opening.....and what do I get:

    "Set up your iphone - An iphone has been previously synced with this computer" and my options are "set up as a new iphone" or "restore from the back up of: 8/28"

    NOTHING. ZERO. Can't call Apple tech support cause I have to have a second line to do anything about this. AMAZING. NOTE TO APPLE: well I don't know what the note is except I'd like to be able to listen to music on my iphone and get all my playlists back but....

    and now MobileMe.

    I cannot begin to express my frustration with mobileme, for simply nothing more than it DOES NOT WORK FOR ME IN 85% OF SITUATIONS. Mobileme mail? The iphone takes forever to update. I look at my phone at 8pm and the last update was at 8am. Push the reload button? nothing. Where's my mail? Don't know, and I'm not going to know. idisk? Crap. Crap. Crap.. and then maybe just a little crap. Let's not talk about what the idisk CAN do, let's talk about what it CAN'T do. Let's do a simple file upload right on my computer. open my idisk, open another folder, transfer the file over. copying. copying. copying.... Estimating time remaining..............copying.....copying......file size you get my meaning here? about 9 minutes.... copying......oops Error? what? what does this say? "The finder cannot complete the operation because some of the data in "" could not be read or written? (Error Code -36).....Ok..well let's type in Apple Mobile Me (error -36) in google. nothing, not a single reference to error -36. Well I guess those files cannot go on my idisk for some reason. let's look at my idisk now....loading....loading..loading now I see that some of those files that were copying over are there, I should delete them..trying to move those to the trash...ERROR huh? "the files "" cannot be moved to the trash because some of the items are in use"....huh? in use? by who? me? I'll never know because I can never talk to someone. Let's look at talking to someone especially since with my three computers I've paid about $1000 in Applecare Protection. me! Great. Huh? Chat? what? CHAT? What is this Linksys? ok let's do a chat and is unavailable? no support representatives available? huh? Let's try again.. ok here we go let's see...."a chat representative will be available in 45 minutes" WHAT?? are you #&*!(#$ kidding me??????????? NOTE TO APPLE: PLEASE PROVIDE TECHNICAL SUPPORT VIA PHONE FOR ANYONE WHO HAS PAID FOR THE APPLECARE PROTECTION PLAN. THIS IS A NO-BRAINER...

    I can't take it anymore. The bottom of my hands are red and pained from banging on my desk over and over at the amount of time I've spent trying to put a bunch of files on my idisk. THE ONE THAT I PAY FOR!!!!!!

    I have decided that Apple's MobileMe service is good for syncing up my email, contacts, and calendars, but the idisk function is non-functioning and I cannot spend hours upon hours using it.

    Please post your comments and thoughts and experiences on this post as well.

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    iDisk has been flaky for most for years before MobileMe was introduced. Some folks have found success with using a WebDav client (like Transmit) to copy their files up to iDisk (instead of using Finder).

    Sorry that it frustrates you enough to bang your hands red. :(
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    This has all been said in a million other threads.
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    wasted $150

    Just got MobilleMe Family pack. idisk is nothing more that a rudimentary low level FTP app. Rubber Duck is so much easier and free if all I wanted an FTP site. I thought this was a drag and drop that would automatically transfer files and complete folders right up into the clouds right on the fly.

    Does everything have to be zipped before it goes to my folder? What a real disappointment. Apple made $13 billion last quarter, I don't understand the lack of basic infrastructure to maintain this product.

    Fairfield County, CT
  5. aristobrat macrumors G5

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    Are you dragging your files/folders to the iDisk drive in your Finder window?

    It sounds like you're using the web interface instead.
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    Just behind you

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