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  1. mikeyur macrumors newbie

    Oct 30, 2008
    Sorry to bug you guys, just couldn't find this answer anywhere else. I know mobile me has an 'aliases' feature where you can have other @me email addresses and reply as those, and I know you can import a POP account.

    But does mobile me have support to 'reply as' other addresses where I can forward in another account (like a gmail account) and reply as that gmail account?

    For example, gmail allows you to reply as other email addresses that you forward in if you verify that you own that account. So you could have xyz@comcast forward into a gmail account and be able to directly reply to an email inside of gmail as xyz@comcast.

    Just wanted to know if Mobile Me supports this. Thanks for your time.

  2. jc1350 macrumors 6502a

    Feb 4, 2008
    Basically yes, but it's not quite built into MobileMe. I have my own personal domain/email thanks to Google Apps. I'm not giving that up, so what I do is:

    Setup MobileMe email on my iphone and Macs using Apple's standard instructions. Log into the gmail account web site, click settings, then the "accounts" tab. You have to add your address to gmail. I haven't played with it to see if it makes a difference, but I check "always reply from my default address" which is set to my personal domain address. This will allow any mail you send from mobileme via gmail's smpt server (info below) to go through as your gmail account.

    On both the Mac and iphone I edit the SMPT (outgoing) server settings to always use gmail's and log into it using my personal domain info. for iphone that's all you have to do. for mac mail, you have to do one extra step:

    in Mail go to preferences --> click accounts --> click mobileme --> add your desired email address in the "email address" line below the "description" box. This is the same page where you change your smtp server.

    When you compose a message on the iphone, it automatically sends as your desired address instead of I can't confirm I'm not missing something because I'm at work and forgot my iphone today. For Mac Mail, when you compose you should have a drop-down choice for what address you want to send from.

    I have my personal mail set to forward all messages to mobileme and get them on my mac/iphone from mobileme. This setup lets me send and recieve all email as my persoanl domain account, but still get mobileme PUSH to the iphone plus any messages from Apple that they may send only to mobileme email (mobileme updates and such). The added benefit is since google has a 7 GB limit (and growing), I can just let my mail accumulate there and have a nice backup if mobileme and/or my mail applications wipe out my messages.

    Summary of above:

    1. tell gmail your mobile address is authorized by adding mobileme address to gmail via settings/accounts

    2. auto-forward gmail mail to mobileme address (settings, forwarding and pop/imap)

    3. setup mobileme email on Mac, iphone, etc

    4. change mobileme config on mac/iphone to use gmail smpt server instead of mobileme's server

    5. add gmail address to "email addresses" in Mac Mail's preferences, accounts, mobileme profile

    6. in Mac Mail preferences, composing, select your desired address for "send new mail from" drop-down list.

    I think I'm going to work on a nice write-up with screenshots, but for now if you have any questions, just ask. I also cannot take credit for figuring this out. This was from a thread somewhere in these forums for getting a personal domain to work with mobileme (I don't recall the thread itself, though). It works with commercial domains like and eliminates the "sent on behalf of" info in your sent mail.

    Note: anything sent from the mobileme email web page will always be from your address - there is no way around this unless Apple adds this functionality to the web version of mobileme (you its paid service has some of the same features as google's free service). :)

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