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    Dec 25, 2009
    I have a friend that have bought an MAC and than a "mobile me" account on the net.
    The user has a normal pop3 account where the mail is comming in (on his old PC, he has just bought an MAC)

    I of course can setup the pop3 account on the MAC - but I really do not understand the idea behind mobile me?.

    We have registered a mobileme account and the adress was created. When I sent mail to this account, the mail is recieved both on the MAC and on the Iphone.
    But how do he get the mail that is send to his old pop3 account to be sent to his iphone ?. Mail send to his old pop3 account appears on the mac, but not on the iphone ?.

    I can of course forward all mail to this new account, but when he answers it is being sent from this adress, and not his old pop3 account which has to be used as reciever and sender.

    Can anyone explain how this can be setup ?
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    Sep 7, 2008
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    That is what Apple has to say about Mobile Me: .

    As Mobile Me synchs between several devices, email is available on all devices that have access to one MM account.

    To setup a different account on an iPod Touch or iPhone, see here:


    Btw, Mac is spelled Mac and not MAC, as it is the shortened version of Macintosh, derived form McIntosh an apple cultivar.
    MAC is often used as an abbreviation for Media Access Control, better know as the MAC address of a network device and it looks like 00:0e:4f:78:01:df.

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