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    Mar 7, 2008
    Just wondering if anyone knows of a programming language that i could install for mobile terminal? I was thinking of something to write simple command line programs to start with.

    I have fooled around with different things on my laptop like c, objective-c, python etc. Just wondered if it would be possible to right programs in mobile terminal. And if anyone knows if there is anything available for mobile terminal, and or any info on installing a programming language for mobile terminal?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Jun 25, 2008
    Not sure what you mean...

    If you want to write scripts that run in MobileTerminal, then you can read up on Bash scripting. No installation required.

    If you are looking for a text editor that you can use in MobileTerminal, then you'll want Nano.

    When I need to write quick scripts I create a file in MobileTerminal and then edit it in iFile, which has a good text editor. Then I go back to MobileTerminal where I can chmod it and execute it.
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    Mar 7, 2008
    I was thinking of a program like hello world. if I was on my mac laptop I would open textwrangler a text editor I use for code, and I would type out the file and save it.

    Then I would open terminal and compile the program. I am reading in an Objective-C book that I got for programming, and it says you can compile the program in terminal using the GNU Objective-C compiler. I guess my question is my laptop has an objective-c compiler. I don't remember if I had to install it or not, but I wondered if I went into mobileterminal and changed to a directory where I had a text file, could I compile it? Or would I get an error message from mobileterminal?

    Is there anyway to get a compiler for mobileterminal? And could mobileterminal be able to run an executable file? I guess I would just like to run simple command line programs from mobileterminal.

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