Mobile Video Viewing Growing Fast, with Apple Way Out in Front on iPad's Strength

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    Mobile video viewing experienced significant gains last year, growing from just 2% of online videos watched in 2011 to 12% in 2012 - and the majority of it is on iOS devices.

    60% of all mobile video viewing is done on iOS devices, according to a study by video monetization company Freewheel (via TechCrunch). Android devices accounted for most of the rest, at 32%.


    The iPhone alone accounted for 30% of all mobile video, the iPad for 24% and the iPod touch for 6%. Apple's lead over Android increased substantially in the final quarter of last year, perhaps suggesting that the increased screen size of the iPhone 5 made video viewing on the phone more appealing, with the iPad screen size and quality giving it obvious appeal.
    Apple's lead is perhaps unsurprising given the the company's early jump on the smartphone market and its more cohesive iOS platform, with many content providers launching iOS apps ahead of Android ones. TechCrunch suggests that there may be a virtuous circle effect, with content providers optimising for iOS devices while the Android experience gets less focus.

    Mobile video is naturally expected to be increasingly important going forward, with more and more content providers embracing mobile platforms to encourage more flexible viewing. Just yesterday, HBO introduced increased functionality for its HBO Go app, allowing content to be pushed from Apple's mobile devices to a larger screen via AirPlay.

    Article Link: Mobile Video Viewing Growing Fast, with Apple Way Out in Front on iPad's Strength
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    I think Airplay is the advantage that Apple currently has. I have an A/V receiver with AirPlay built in, and I can easily stream content from my iPhone or iPad directly to my TV and surround system. It works really well and has begun changing the way I watch videos. Streaming is now so easy and the quality is good enough that it can nearly substitute for standard broadcasts.
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    And people were saying that lack of flash would limit the iPad/iphone. Apple was a big enough player with customers who like to spend money that anyone designing a website with half a brain makes sure it works on iPad/iPhone.

    Congrats Apple, you called out Flash for being crap, and it worked.
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    For me it had less to do with the larger screen size and more to do with LTE on the iPhone 5.
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    Now we can all watch videos of cats on the go! The era of the iPhone is meow!
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    There is always, ALWAYS something Apple is doomed if they don't follow along with what everyone else is doing (or trying to do).

    Naturally, when they fail to follow, they are then called "not innovative". :eek:
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    yeah, I pretty much read that and was like there is no way screen size was the main factor here.

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