MobileMe crashes mail on iPhone 3g?? (SOLVED)

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    Wow. So I don't get a lot of emails to my MM account right now since its new. Basically, I just needed to send myself a new email to kick out the corrupt one from being the first message. When it loaded, there was the test email and the corrupted one underneath, which ironically, was the reset password link for my MM account when I was signing up using the password change trick to login the first time. It came up with no subject, no sender. Its so weird. It doesn't let me delete the comes back...and not only that, but with the current time. Creepy weird. It shows as being unread...but it seems more like its undead. Its like the ghost email that haunts my iPhone and my life. Well as long as it stays buried with my other messages that I've moved from the trash back into the inbox, then thats fine with me. Just like my dead great grandma who lives in the wooden chest in my parent's basement, I'll just have to live with it for now!! 5 hours down the drain...damn.

    ------ Original Message ------ far as I can tell I believe I have a new bug here...and its driving me batty!! So I'm in the theatre waiting for the Dark Knight (greate movie!) to begin, and I get a new email pushed to my iPhone 3g. I have gmail set to forward to my new address since I haven't notified everyone of my new address yet. I get a message from Facebook telling me my roommate wrote on my wall. So I open it quickly, but decided to just quit and exit back to the home screen and use the Facebook app from the appstore which was just updated to 1.1 to allow you to write back on someone's wall. So Facebook spins forever and never loads my wall...just my feeds. So I exit out of there, go back to mail and it CRASHES BACK TO THE HOME SCREEN!! Mind you, this is the first time I've ever had the mail app crash. So I just figure its another 2.0 glitch, and reboot my phone. No dice...same thing happens. My phone also takes about 2-3 minutes to reboot that normal for everyone? I had about 34 apps installed last time I counted. So the movie starts and I forget about it. I go to check my phone again after the movie and my battery went from a full charge to 10% and falling fast. Within a few minutes my phone was dead...and boy was I pissed. My girlfriend just laughs because my "perfect" iPhone is having problems. So I begin to troubleshoot for reals. I turned off mail for my MobileMe account and sure enough, it lets the mail app open. So I deleted my MobileMe account, and put in my info for the account all over again. It synced my contacts and calendar just fine. Went back into mail and it comes up with my gmail account by default. When I slide over to the MobileMe account, it crashes back to the home screen once I click on the inbox. It still says that I have 1 new mail message. So I figure maybe since I didn't let that message download all the way that maybe that is the hangup. So I login with my gf's computer and go to and moved all the mail I've received today into the trash. Still nothing!! So here is what I'm thinking:

    1.) No push email is going to my phone since it still has the (1) marker on the mail app icon, which would have been cleared when I read it...correct?

    2.) My battery was drained DAMN fast. It was also pretty warm when I pulled it out of my pocket, and it is usually cool. Could it be stuck in an infinite push loop constantly downloading nothing? 3g was active, but wasn't usable after the movie was over when my battery was drained down to 10%.

    3.) Could it just be a defective iPhone? It just happened today. I haven't noticed any real problems with the mail, the battery life or the 3g.

    4.) Could it just be another MobileMe birth pang? Has anyone else had this problem? I'm trying to avoid doing a full restore since that was a pain when I had to do that to go from the 5a345 to 5a347 firmware.

    5.) Could one of my installed apps be causing the problem?

    While typing this I was fiddling around with the mail app and noticed that it was taking longer than normal for gmail to sync with the server. It connected, and then said it was up to date. BUT THEN I noticed something weird...the spinner next to the 3g kept going even after that...then it crashed after about 5 seconds. What in the world is going on??
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    Did a couple more tests:

    Turned off 3g, and went to edge. The mail app didn't crash when just waiting on the gmail screen, maybe because it didn't update the other mail accounts? I was wondering if it was sending an update hook to the mobile me account.

    Then I went over to the MobileMe one. I got PAST the Inbox (1) screen and it started to load but then crashed. So edge got me slightly further, perhaps because its slower?

    So then I went back into the mail and it would crash every time regardless. Maybe it was loading MobileMe by default since that was the last inbox I was in? Then I deactivated every mail account except gmail (I also have a university pop account) and it loads fine. What in the world? It only crashes when it starts to download from MobileMe? I'm starting to think this might just be all Apple's fault.
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    Sep 5, 2009
    Since yesterday, my iPhone Mail app has been crashing 3-5 secs after open it, returning me to the iPhone home page. I can't seem to read my mail and this issue has rendered my Mail app useless. Not even restarting fixed this.
    I have 2 accounts on my iPhone. One Gmail account and my MobileMe account. I started deactivating and activating accounts and found that my MobileMe account caused the problem. As soon as I deactivated it, the Mail app worked great! I deactivated Gmail and activated MobileMe and the problem came back... So I figured there must be something wrong with my MobileMe account settings. These are the steps I followed while trying to fix the problem but to no avail:

    1. I deleted my MobileMe account from my iPhone
    2. I then re-made it again but nothing... the same issue
    3. I then restored my iPhone... nothing
    4. I upgraded to 3.01 OS... nothing
    5. I searched the web and Apple support... nothing

    I would like to ask all iPhone users out there, if they have had the same experience with their MobileMe eMail account on the iPhone Mail app and if yes, what have they done to fix it?


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