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    Dec 30, 2010
    Need some help!!

    I've had a ticket open with MobileMe support since November 30th. The ticket / problem is a password reset. I thought this should be a simple task but it's turned into a trip to Mars. My frustration at this point is I don't feel like the MobileMe support organization cares whether or not my issue is ever resolved. Does anyone know how to reach the level of the Apple MobileMe organization above the Senior Adviser? I'm looking for customer service, legal, anyone who could be a customer advocate. I've called AppleCare and received the same answer too, that I've got to go to MobileMe online support.

    I've never been pushed to the limit, ever. However, MobileMe has pushed me over the edge to a point where if my REAL Apple products weren't so tied together with MobileMe that I would drop MobileMe due to incompetence in their support structure.

    Of note, I've been a MobileMe customer since 2002 or whenever I got my email address. I've been able to resolve any issues through self service since then (nice run) and it's recently that MobileMe has completely lost my confidence.

    Thanks for any info you can provide, my next step is to get a copy of Apple financial report and see if I can figure out a way into the MobileMe structure that way.

    Cheers for a Happy New Year!

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    Ask Apple
    Wish I could help. I just finished manually deleting 400 repeated contacts.

    I too tried Apple Care, and got the script of "we cannot help you with your 100$/year service". If you want competence with cloud-type issues, try Microsoft or Google. :(

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