MobileMe Gallery - 720p HD Video from iPhone 4 - Possible?

Discussion in 'Apple Music, Apple Pay, iCloud, Apple Services' started by boltjames, Jul 6, 2010.

  1. boltjames macrumors 601


    May 2, 2010
    Love my iP4 and I'm using it to shoot family home movies as one would expect, and using iMovie to create 5 minute projects that are really enjoyable.

    I'd like to post these 720p HD movies online so family members can stream without them being downconverted and having their resolutions compromised.

    Can MobileMe Gallery help me in this regard? I've tried YouTube and it took 25 minutes to upload and the end result was a blurry mess of downconversion. Is there a way to stream the pure HD I'm shooting? MobileMe? YouTube? Some other solution for hosted HD streaming of short iPhone 4 clips?


  2. lpolarityl macrumors 6502


    Dec 1, 2009
    Same here, I'm wondering the same thing.
  3. calvin2006 macrumors regular

    May 15, 2006
    Phoenix, AZ
    My understanding is that you can do it through iMovie on a Mac to MobileMe (of course, you have to transfer your video to your Mac from the iPhone first). I'm going to try it tonight. Just got an iPhone 4.

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