MobileMe/iCloud issue, PLEASE HELP!

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    So I am a developer with Apple and I am using iOS 5 beta 7, and I also upgraded my MobileMe account to iCloud.

    Here's whats going on...I can't log onto, I have to go to I log in at the iCloud site I can access everything except the mail.

    When I click on mail I get a message that says this..."To use iCloud Mail, create an @me email address by turning on mail in your iCloud settings using iOS or OSX"

    Well I have a @me address and there is no place for me to enter in, I just get that message.

    Also, I can't add my MobileMe account to new accessories. I bought an iPod Touch 4th Gen. today and when I try to add mobile me it says my username or password is wrong.

    I know the account works because its on my iPhone 4, and thats the only way I am getting my mail and responding and what not.

    So please, someone help me!
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    It seems there's a fairly widespread outage right now. Check the front page.
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