MobileMe/iPhone/Computer Syncing Problems

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  1. horacescope macrumors newbie

    Sep 13, 2009
    Hi there,
    When MobileMe first came out, I used it all the time. I'd be out on the job and enter a date into my phone, it would push into the cloud, then rain back down on my computer and everything was beautiful.
    Then my computer started running really slow because I had a bunch of junk on it. Because syncing would make everything take so long and basically lock up the entire computer, I disabled it. I kept my calendar on my iPhone. It was still set to push to MobileMe, but MobileMe wasn't communicating with any other devices.
    Well. Now I have a new computer, so I wanted to have my calendar again and be able to make updates between it and my iPhone. When I went to sync, it asked me if I wanted to merge data, replace data on computer, or replace data on MobileMe. I clicked merge.
    Then it said that the MobileMe information needed to be re-set (I have no idea WHY), and to either do this with the information on the computer or to click "fix later" and do it from another computer. I clicked "fix later". All the information is on my iPhone.
    Then I tried syncing with MobileMe with my other computer. No go.

    I brought my iPhone and new computer to the Genius bar. They tried syncing multiple times, doing a hard sync with iTunes, tried syncing the computer with MM. No luck.
    I came home. Tried to hard sync with my old computer. No luck. I deleted my account on the old computer and replaced my e-mail with "" instead of "", repeated the process on my phone and new computer. Still no luck. Everything else syncs fine. Contacts, mail... It's just the calendar that's affected. I can't help but think it's a MobileMe problem and I don't know how to fix it. I've tried everything I can think of.

    Any suggestions?

    Any suggestions?
  2. Legolai macrumors member

    Apr 3, 2009
    apparently mobileme is down at the moment, not syncing with iPhones specifically, this could be the problem

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