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Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Virgil-TB2, Jul 16, 2008.

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    I know there are a few MobileMe threads already, but most of them are waay too long and completely unfocussed so don't give me a hard time for starting a new one, okay? This fiasco has pretty much assumed historic proportions now and probably deserves a million threads anyway. :)

    I want to know if anyone has seen this same behaviour as it's just driving me crazy!Note that as of this writing, MobileMe says there is nothing wrong with mobileme mail right now other than it "can't access contacts." :eek:

    1) I sent an email to the suport guys about it from the webpage and got an automated response about 40 minutes ago on my iPod to the effect that I was on the queue.

    2) This message did not arrive at my work computer at all, and here's the funny bit ... it never arrived in mobileme mail on the web! How is that even possible?

    3) So far, every single time I connect to MobileMe, it sends me to the email by default (annoying but ignorable), there are no new messages, but when I click to view the account settings, a little red badge appears on the email icon saying I have 1 email. If I click back to the email, the badge disappears and there is no email waiting. If I then click back on some other tab, the badge reappears.

    This is totally crazy!

    How is anyone, let alone anyone with a professional reputation or job to protect, supposed to use this POS! I have been keeping my mouth shut for the most part as I know they are up to their armpits and probably working on it, but the message today that "MobileMe is working now" made me blow a gasket.

    If anyone from Apple PR is reading this I have only one thing to say...

    "Lies! lies! lies!" :mad:

    I appreciate this might take a while to fix, but I wish Apple would stop saying that everything is fine when the service is still horribly broken. I could fill pages with the errors and problems I have had with MobileMe just in the last week. I am trying to be mature and keep my mouth shut, but I guess I failed in this instance.

    This is just horrible service and insulting to boot. Apple is screwing over their best and most loyal customers here.

    PS - offering a "potential" refund to users of the service that they will only see if they quit said service is worse than a kick in the teeth.

    signed: disgusted 8 year .Mac user
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    Nov 8, 2003
    I haven't experienced any problems in the last day or two. E-mail shows up fine, contacts, calendars... everything works like it's suppose to as far as I can tell. Sorry to hear you're having problems.
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    A new thread was really not necessary. MM is working fine for me and has for 2 days now. Relax.

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    Jan 28, 2008
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    So, "for me", isn't everyone is it?
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    Jul 11, 2003
    It's all about me. ;)

    My point was a new thread was not needed. There are already several threads just like this one. People are still experiencing problems, we get it.
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    Jun 24, 2008
    I bet you spent more time looking for that photo than actually reading the post. :rolleyes:
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    MobileMe *is* severely broken for large numbers of users

    Well I already said sorry for starting the thread, but I think I have shown remarkable restraint actually, and I don't think I am a whiny baby either.

    Each and every day there is a different annoying glitch from the service for me. I wasn't joking when I said I could fill up pages and pages with complaints. I limited myself to just a few in this instance and I waited a week for them to fix things before even complaining, so I don't see how that makes me a cry-baby or whatever. :rolleyes:

    Here's two more just for the record:

    1) Contact Groups - For the last three days, Contacts has been syncing more or less okay but with weird delays that are never the same length of time for each sync (between 3 seconds and 8 hours). The one thing that doesn't sync however is the contact "groups." I go onto mobile me and sort contacts into groups, edit them, add pictures etc., and all of the changes of the contacts themselves (eventually) will get synced to the iPod and the three Macs.

    The changes to the groups however, comes through only to the computers, never to the iPod. The iPod groups sometimes change when I change them on MobileMe, so the connection is working, but they change to weird random ( :eek: ), things that are not the same as the changes I actually made to the groups! In one case a group made on MobileMe created 50 identically named groups on the iPod, all empty, but you can't delete or manage groups on the iPod. so now I have to scroll through 50 identical groups to get to the one I want.

    2) email disappearing completely - I had an email from Apple support that appeared only briefly on my iPod, but was never received on any of my three computers or on MobileMe. It then dissapeared from my iPod after a full day, and was never seen again. How can I really even be sure that I am getting all my mail when ***** like that happens?

    How can any service be "up and running" with these kinds of errors? How can anyone use such a service when they will never know if they are even getting all their mail, or if some random syncing glitch will remove all of their contacts?

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