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    So i've hosted using the free subscription to mobile me once using iWeb. I loved the simplicity and want to make new sites. Just wondering if it is possible to host more then one site at a time with mobile me servers? I have a personal domain and a friends domain I want to manage. Both domains are registered with a seperate company ( Does anyone know if it is possible to have both hosted at the same time if I pay for mobileme? I want to keep the domain names the same and re-design the sites using iWeb. Please let me know any info on if this can be done and if it simple. Also its possible to have a domain like as opposed to right?? thanks for the help
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    Nov 15, 2007
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    The above reply is not 100% true.

    You can host as many websites on an individual account as you want. BUT only one of them can have your personal domain properly attached. HOWEVER, there's still a workaround for using personal domains on other websites as well, i.e., by using masked/unmasked redirects.

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