MobileMe & Lion (disaster)

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    Seriously I was hoping it would work a bit better before iCloud takes over but it has been nothing but horrible.

    It's not pe se MobileMe but more how lion works with it.

    Bookmarks - Add a bookmark to idevice, look at console (iMac), change is registered but guess what, the wheel doesn't spin and no bookmarks is not downloaded. Add a bookmark on iMac, look at console, change is registered but guess what, wheel does't spin and bookmark is not propagated to other idevice.

    Contacts sync well. HOWEVER, put iMac into standby. Add contact onto iDevice, wait 5 min. Wake iMac, but MobileMe doesn't check with the cloud for updates that occurred whilst it was sleeping. I have to force a manual sync and thereafter it works.


    No issues at all with snow leopard, no issues at all with sync between cloud -> iPad -> iPhone. The only issue is with LION.
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    Why would they spend a lot of time working on the minutiae of compatibility between their new OS and a mobile suite that is going to be discontinued soon?

    It works well enough to get you to the iCloud transition. Personally, I haven't noticed any of the issues you are having.
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